How Authentication Works with the AD Pro Toolkit

The AD Pro Toolkit works on domain-joined and non-domain joined computers.

Note: You only need to authenticate to one domain controller in your domain.

By default, the AD Pro Toolkit will use pass-through authentication. If your computer is domain joined and you log in with a domain account the toolkit will use those credentials to automatically connect to your domain.

You can check the connection status by clicking on Domain Settings.

If you want the toolkit to connect with a different account then click the pencil icon.

In this example, I’m logged into the computer as a regular user “robert.allen”. I want to change the toolkit to use by admin account “robert.allen.da”.

Check the box Specify username then enter your username and password. If it is a domain-joined computer it should auto-detect your domain and domain controller.

If the domain and domain controller and not detected you will need to provide those details. The domain controller needs to be the FQDN.

Click ok to connect with the provided credentials.

The domain settings screen should update with the username and display connected.

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