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Find Empty Groups in Active Directory

In this guide, you will learn how to find empty Active Directory groups using the AD Pro Toolkit.

Empty groups are groups that have no members.

For example, I have a group named “it_manage_users” and when I look at the members it is empty.

empty active directory group

Follow these steps to find all empty groups.

Step 1. Open the AD Cleanup tool

Step 2. Click on Filters and select Groups Without Members.

Uncheck “Show Users”

list all empty groups in active directory

Click the run button to view the report.

In this example, I have 76 groups that have no members. Several of them are built-in groups that have no members by default. The other groups are ones that administrators have created and are empty.

ad cleanup tool example of empty groups

To export the list click on the Export button and choose the export format.

export empty group report to csv or pdf

If you would like to have a delete option within the AD Cleanup tool then send us a feature request.

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