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Get All Disabled Users in Active Directory

In this guide, you will learn how to get all disabled user accounts in Active Directory with the AD Pro Toolkit.

Step 1. Open the AD Cleanup tool.

Step 2. Click the Filters button and select disabled users.

find all disabled users

Note: Uncheck “Show Computers” if you do not want to see computers in the report.

Step 3. Click run to view all disabled user accounts

All disabled user accounts will say Disabled in the status column.

disabled users active directory report

To change the order of the column click the columns button. Add or remove columns or move attributes up or down in the list.

In this example, I moved the status column up.

Now when I look at the report the status column is next to the displayName column.

You can export the report to CSV, PDF, or Excel file.

If you want to delete these accounts, export the users sAMAccountName and use the Delete Users tool to bulk delete accounts.

Next Steps

In this guide, you learned how to find all disabled user accounts.

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