NTFS Folder Permissions Report

In this tutorial, you will learn how to generate an NTFS Folder Permissions Report.

In this guide, I’ll demonstrate the NTFS Permissions Reporter tool from the AD Pro Toolkit.

Step 1. Click on NTFS Permissions Report

Step 2. Enter or browse folder Path.

  • You can enter a UNC path or a local folder.
  • Enter folder Depth. Enter 0 to get all subfolders.

You can click run to view the report.

In this example, I’ll report the NTFS permissions on the share srv-vm1\share

The report will display the following details:

  • DirectoryName = Name of the folder
  • Account = Account name that has permission to the folder. This can be a user or group (local or domain)
  • DirectoryOwner: =Name of account that is the owner
  • DirectoryRights =The permissions the account has
  • Type = Allow or Denied
  • AppliesTo = Indicates if the permissions apply to this folder, subfolders, and files
  • isInherited = Are the permissions inherited or not

How to Filter and Sort the NTFS Permissions Report

For example, I want to see all of the accounts and folders that have full control.

Click on the filter icon and select FullControl. Now the report only shows folders that have full control.

If you want to see all folders and accounts that have deny permissions, select filter and deny.

Tree View

To display the NTFS Report in a Tree View click the Tree View button.

This will simplify the report and you can then expand a folder to view the details.

Search for a specific user’s NTFS Permissions

In this example, I’ll search for a specific user to view their NTFS permissions.

Search for Active Directory Users NTFS Permissions

To search for a domain user’s NTFS permissions include the domain name in the search box. In the below example, I put my domain name adpro, and then the user or group I wanted to search.

Export NTFS Folder Permissions Report

Click the export button and select your format to export the report.

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