Schedule Active Directory Group Reports

In this tutorial, you will learn how to schedule Active Directory group reports. The reports can be sent via email or saved to a folder.

Note: If you want to email reports you will first need to configure the email settings.

Step 1. Click on Scheduler

Step 2. Click on Add

Task Settings:

  • Task Type: Select Reports
  • Task name: Enter a name for the task
  • Credentials: Click set to enter your credentials

Set Schedule

Select Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.

Task Action

1. Select the category

2. Select the Report

3. Select Path.

Choose from the entire domain or select an OU or group.

4. Output options

Select from Email CSV or Save to CSV.

If you select email then enter an email subject.

Click finish.

The task will now be added to the list and run on the configured schedule.

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