Schedule Daily Active Directory Health Check

To run daily or weekly Health Checks on Active Directory follow these steps.

Note. If you want to email this report you will first need to configure the Email Settings.

Step 1. Click on Scheduler and click the Add button.

Step 2. Create a new Scheduled Task

Task Settings

  1. For the task type select AD Health Monitor
  2. Give the task a name
  3. Set the credentials. This will be the account used to run the task on a schedule.

Click Next

Set Schedule.

Choose to run the task Daily, Weekly, or Monthly. In this example, I’ll set the task to run daily at 7:00 AM.

Click Next

Set the Task Actions

  1. Click the Select button and choose your domain controllers.
  2. Choose options (default, DNS only or comprehensive)
  3. Choose output options – You can either email the report or output it to a folder

Click Finish.

The task should now appear in the task list.

With these settings, you will get a daily report on the health of your domain controllers.

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