Test Domain Controller Health

In this guide, you will learn how to test and monitor the health of your Domain Controllers using the AD Pro Toolkit.

This tool will run a series of tests on your domain controllers and give you a pass or fail for each test.

Step 1. Click on the AD Health Monitor Tool

Step 2. Click the “Select” button and select the domain controllers you want to monitor. Click Save.

Step 3. Select Options

  • Default includes 20 tests
  • Comprehensive includes 27 tests – The comprehensive tests will take much longer to complete.
  • DNS Only will perform basic DNS tests
  • Inlucde event logs – This will get the warnings and critical events from the domain controller event logs from the past 24 hours.

Step 3. Click Run

The tests can take several minutes to run, it depends on how many domain controllers you have.

When the tests are completed you will have a pass or fail for each test.

You can click on the tests that failed to see the details.

In this example, I clicked on the KccEvent failure.

If you included the event logs in your report click the Event Logs tab.

You can click the export button to export the report to CSV or HTML.

When you export the report it will include two files, one for the domain controller tests and one for the event logs.

To schedule this report on an automated schedule see the Schedule Health Check guide.

Next Steps

In this guide, you learned how to run a health check on your domain controllers.

In the next guide, you will learn how to use the scheduler to automate health checks.

Schedule Daily Health Check

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